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Welcome to Dinedi.NET — Gravity Defied online builder!

What is Gravity Defied?

Gravity Defied is famous and popular game for mobile phones. Being created in 2004 by Swedish Codebrew Software as a small project, it amazed everybody with its realistic physics, precise graphics, so it became very popular among owners of very rare in that times phones with Java support. Original game pleased gamers from entire world, but two years past interest to it began to fall. In 2006-2007 appeared first game modification - Gravity Defied Remix, which allowed to use a different track's files. Some time later was announced first track editor by BlackFan. It wasn't very usable, but it was a first step to Gravity Defied's reborn. Nowadays there are many programs which allows you to create your own modification.

How to use this builder?

Builder was created especially for a newbies so they can create themselves any modification they like. Building process divides into 7 steps:
First step - version choice. You can select original version or famous professional modification "Gravity Defied: Reprise".
Second step - levels file choice. Game's difficulty and duration depends on your decision. Information about tracks may be found here.
Third step - skin choice. Here you can choose how your biker will look like. Information about skins you may found here.
Fourth step (in design) - game's background choice. You can choose anyone you like :)
Fifth step - levels color choice. Similiar to a fourth step.
Sixth step - language choice. Choose your language.
Seventh step - it's construction itself. You get information about file's size and it's content. Also you will be offered to use function "GD info viewer" to get all information about modification and it's structure.

Totally 31395 builds were downloaded since January 2010.

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